After the Twilight

What was it like in 1969 when young men were marching off to fight in Vietnam and young women were left at home torn between patriotism and fear that the men they loved might never return? Share the bond of love between Mandy Buchanan and Alex Foster who face not only the terrors of war, but families that vehemently oppose their union. Witness a web of deceit between family members and a heart-wrenching break-up in Hawaii. Travel with each of them on paths in diverse directions: Mandy as a Peace Corps Volunteer whose beliefs are tested when she is asked to help a Conscientious Objector flee to Canada, and Alex as a decorated Vietnam Veteran who returns home with a serious war injury and is forced to deal with the after effects of war and a marriage to a woman he doesn't love. Mandy's and Alex's travels and trials drive a wedge even further between them, but will true love transcend all boundaries? And if the lovers are reunited, will their love be as pure and strong as it once was?

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Share the sizzling passion between Skyler Sinclair and Royce Chandler amidst the hot and steamy desert town of Kano! Travel with them as their love is tested by Royce's older brother, Kyle, and the turbulent government of the early 1970's in West Africa. Experience the rich culture as the land bakes under the hot sun -- lusty, wild and untamed -- just like the young lovers who struggle to survive!

You can order Kano for $10.99 plus shipping by contacting Peg via e-mail. Multiple copies will be discounted.

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